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Introducing Ivana:
The Heart and Soul of Rancho DeSilva

Get ready to meet Ivana, the radiant soul behind Rancho de Silva! Originally hailing from the Czech Republic, Ivana brings a sense of joy and adventure to every aspect of life here at the ranch. As a fun-loving wife and mother of two beautiful Texans, her love for family and genuine warmth brighten the hearts of all who cross her path.


Ivana's journey into running this remarkable wedding and events venue began when she and her husband offered their cherished ranch as the site for a friend's nuptials. Little did they know that a seed was planted that day, blossoming into a thriving venture filled with love and celebration.After months of meticulous planning and nurturing their vision, Rancho DeSilva has now emerged as the newest gem nestled in the heart of Texas Hill Country.


With Ivana as its beating heart, this haven beckons you to experience your next unforgettable event in its embrace.Oh, dear friend, the team at Rancho DeSilva simply can't wait to work with you! Let us craft a magical experience that will leave you with memories as timeless as the prairie itself. So grab your cowboy hat and take a stroll with Ivana into a world where dreams come true.


Together, we'll create extraordinary moments that will warm your soul and make your heart sing beneath the Texas  sky.

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