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The Venue 

Experience the beauty and charm of our Indoor Event Venue at Rancho DeSilva. This inviting 1,500 sq.ft space boasts 35' tall ceilings and is tastefully decorated in a soft-industrial motif with stunning world-class artwork. With its polished concrete floors and breathtaking views, it's the perfect setting for any occasion. Discover the semi-private loft upstairs, the ideal spot for a relaxed gathering with friends. Downstairs, you'll find a fully functional professional bar complete with a large commercial beverage cooler and wine refrigerator. Additionally, our commercial kitchen with a private caterer's entry, refrigerator, 6-burner gas range, and flat grill provides everything you need for a memorable event. Come and immerse yourself in the elegance of our event venue - we can't wait to welcome you!


The Bridal Cottage 

Step into the past and discover the magic of our Bridal Cottage at Rancho DeSilva. Once left to the elements and inhabited by an armadillo in the kitchen, we lovingly restored this 100-year-old home to its original glory. Built by the ranch's original German settlers, this authentic 2-bedroom cottage boasts a full bathroom and an unforgettable atmosphere that transports you to a simpler time. Embrace the rustic charm of the countryside while experiencing all the modern amenities you need for a memorable day.

The Grooms Den

Yeehaw! Welcome to the Grooms Den, a place where the boys can unwind and gear up for the big day. Sip on shots of tequila, crack open a cold beer, and let the good times flow. We've got a mini fridge, a comfy couch, and a game console for endless fun. Need to catch the game? No worries, we've got a TV too. And if you're craving a taste of the great outdoors, step outside into your private space. The lGrooms Den is where amigos come together for laughter, competition, and a little liquid courage. Cheers, guys!


Every great love starts with a great story.

Covered Ceremony Breezeway

rancho desilva - chairs.jpeg

This magical space is a perfect haven, accommodating large gatherings with ease. Whether you're dreaming of a lively dance floor, a vibrant live band, a grooving DJ, or a delicious food service area, our breezeway has got you covered, even if the Texas weather has other plans!

Admire the breathtaking sight of a wall crafted from stones, lovingly harvested by hand right from our very own land. The essence of our heritage is infused within these original stones, adding a touch of authenticity to your experience. Framed by dark-stained natural wood, two massive red entry doors effortlessly beckon you into the open horse stalls, inviting exploration and adventure.

Heritage Oak Playpen

The dry stack rock walls, built by our forefathers to contain their beloved cattle, lend a sense of rugged authenticity to this picturesque space. Come sundown, bask in the enchantment as outdoor cafe lights twinkle like a sky full of stars, illuminating this breathtaking location.

It's a place where you can create cherished memories, whether you're celebrating love, exchanging vows, or simply unwinding and recharging in this serene setting. The magnificent oaks offer their shade and the sun's gentle rays, filling you with a sense of warmth and comfort that's as comforting as a beloved pair of cowboy boots.

Rancho DeSilva 010.jpg

Stone Fire Pit

Nestled north of our main venue, the Stone Fire Pit offers unobstructed views of our beautiful land. Encircled by cozy Adirondack chairs, it's the perfect spot for gatherings. Sit, relax, and let the flames mesmerize you as you soak in the breathtaking scenery. With laughter and conversation filling the air, create unforgettable moments under the starry sky. Experience the magic of Rancho de Silva's Stone Fire Pit, where nature's beauty and warmth converge.

Cedar Post Lawn Area

Looking for an outdoor venue that's full of rustic character? Look no further than Cedar Post Lawn Area located behind our main event venue. Surrounded by natural cedar post fencing, it's the perfect location to host any outdoor festivity, including weddings.


Original Big Red Barn

It's the perfect backdrop for any gathering, and whether you're taking photos for your Instagram followers or just huddling around with your friends, the Original Big Red Barn has got you covered. Its seasoned wood and old-timey atmosphere are sure to make a lasting impression on everyone who steps under its roof.

Prairie Oaks

A short stroll from our venue leads you to the serene prairie, where a stand of majestic Texas heritage and post oaks is waiting to embrace you. Here, the gentle breeze sweeps across the prairie, weaving through the towering trees, creating an atmosphere that's pure intimacy and tranquility. Let this enchanting location be the canvas for your cherished memories on the property. Prairie Oaks, where nature whispers and your heart takes center stage.


Top of Old Rocky

A short journey up and around the back 40 of our ranch leads you to "Old Rocky," a hill that holds the key to breathtaking views of Texas Hill Country. Clasp hands with your loved ones, make a toast to the future, and gaze upon a horizon that stretches for 30 mesmerizing miles. This enchanting spot, adorned with the whisperings of the countryside, is where cherished memories are made. Our team is here to guide you, ensuring you have access to this hilltop oasis

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